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Custom software integration with AccountView

Accountview is accounting software and business software that helps companies to get the most out of their business administration. The software helps you to gain active insight into the (financial) situation of your company at any time. In addition, Accountview also helps you with various business processes such as HRM, purchasing and stock and relationship management. We can link Accountview for you with several other software systems. This allows you to, among other things: invoice automatically, synchronize relations and manage your stock from 1 point.

  • Automatic stock management from 1 point
  • Automatic billing
  • Your relations available in all your systems

If you can do something 10 minutes faster every day, you will save over 60 hours in a year. In the 'digital audit', we will search for the software and automation that saves you time every day in a structured manner.

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AccountView integration pricing

The price of an integration varies. In some cases, custom work is required or more than 2 systems need to be linked. The best way to proceed is to schedule a short introduction or send a WhatsApp message, and we can then quickly provide a price estimate.

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Staat jouw koppeling met AccountView er niet tussen? Laat het ons weten. Er zijn bijna altijd mogelijkheden voor maatwerk koppelingen met AccountView.

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